Films used to require folks from Hollywood, big names, and ridiculously large budgets. That all changed with independent filmmaking, where films are being made all over the world at modest budgets. Of course, with so many people doing it, it's hard to find quality story-telling and video production. With the equipment available today for relatively low prices, almost anyone can create video content and distribute it via websites like YouTube. A responsibility is put in our hands to create rich content that not only separates us and our clients from everyone else, but also helps preserve the credibility of the industry. All Grown Up Pictures, LLC is a film company based in North Texas created by Ian Sharar and Matt Lillard that is dedicated to keeping the creativity, quality, and professionalism that comes with the job. But most importantly we're different. We don't do things by the book; we like to be creative. All Grown Up Pictures, LLC is the outlet where our creative endeavors may materialize, such as feature length films, television shows, commercials, and music videos.